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By jmob 6/18/2012

What is rechaco? Check this out. I have an old beloved pair of chacos that I got from a friend about a decade ago while we were camping on Ilse Roylae in Lake Superior. These awesome sandals have been everywhere with me from the Boundary Waters to the Rockies to the Smokies and everywhere in between. I wore them the majority of my life for close to a decade until.... I got a handsome little pup named Forrest, whom I adore. He's a good hiker and canoer and perfect team mate. But, I am having a rough time forgoving the little guy for chewing up my fave shoes. I like the old chaco style so much I almost cried when I saw them hanging from his adorable little jaws. He chewed right through one top strap. My mom is currently, bless her heart, in the midst of butchering the thing to make it wearable again. We figured we've got nothing to lose... this may have been a long drawn out way of saying it, but I'd much rather get my bloved classics fixed than buy a new pair. I'm quite attached. What do I need to do?

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