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You asked, so we answered. We are proud to present to you in partnership with Our Vie Adventures: the Best of #Vladimirkitten. Some of you may not know the true biography of Vladimir and how he became the noble adventure kitty we know and love. So, before we get to the countdown, let’s go back in time to last winter when it all started.

It all started when we first saw the Cats vs. Cucumber video on YouTube. (Do yourself a favor and watch it right now then come back.)

Anyway, Cees, who doesn’t usually care for cats, said, “Man I wish we had a cat we could try this on!” I took that comment verrrryy literally and started looking up cats online at the local animal shelter and on the classifieds. I usually do this on a daily basis anyways, but this time there was a real shred of hope that maybe, just maybe, we would adopt a kitty! Cees, probably went about his day as usual and forgot all about the cats vs. cucumbers. Meanwhile, I’m madly searching and texting every cat lady who has free kitties that I can find online and saving pictures of cats I found at the animal shelter. Later that night, while in Target, Cees remembered the funny cat video and told me that if we were getting a cat TODAY is the ONE day. I could only get one on that EXACT day, not the next day, not next week, THAT DAY. It was already nighttime, Cees probably thought that chances were slim of us actually getting a kitty, but I was sneaky and had already gotten a litter of kitties to visit all lined up and even plugged into my phone navigation. HA! Conveniently, we were already in Target, so I picked out some wet kitten food, a litter box, and all the basics for kitten parenting. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

We anxiously drove the 40 minutes to this random lady’s house where her cat had a litter of kittens a couple of weeks previously. The woman’s 6-year-old daughter led us outside to the shed where they were keeping the kittens. I was shocked at how tiny they were. Their eyes were open and they were walking but not very well. They were SO little and cute. #ItsSoFluffyImGonnaDie!

There were only 3 kittens left and I couldn’t even choose, it’s like trying to pick JUST one donut at the donut store. How about 3 thank you very much!? I was holding this one tiny, white kitten with a grey tail and a grey spot on its head when I asked the little girl which one she would pick for me, but before she could respond two strange, preteen girls barged into the shed and scooped up 2 of the 3 kittens and were gone within seconds. That was weird. Well, I guess they helped me decide! The little girl said that the one I was holding with he spot on its head was the one she would have chosen out of all of them anyway. We drove away and the tiny, white kitty with the spot on its head cried the whole way home.

After a terrible night sleep because we let him sleep in our bed and he cried literally the entire night, we started to get to know each other and even had a kitty photo shoot the next day. I’m so tired, now I am starting to understand all my friends who are having babies these days. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Yeah right!

Meowy Christmas Everyone!

His full name is Vladimir Kitten Gorbachev. Vladimir Kitten for obvious reasons (it’s hilarious and because both Cees and I speak Russian) and Gorbachev for not so obvious reasons (Gorbachev, the Soviet leader, had a birthmark on his head too). My mom suggested “Gorby” for short.

So, having a kitty is really fun, and because his mama abandoned him so early on, I think he thinks we are his mothers now. We spend so much time with him, he lies on us when he sleeps, attacks us like a ferocious, baby tiger when he’s awake, and follows us around ALL day the rest of the time. Truthfully, I am a little offended because I have always been more of a cat person than Cees but our kitty totally loves him more!

The evidence:


Cees is really protective of Vlads, and I constantly catch them doing stuff together.


Yeah definitely anti-kitty. Out of all the cats in the world, I think he loves at least just one.

Are you ready to die from cuteness? Here is a photoshoot of baby’s first snow and canyon experience.


Probably should tell National Geographic that I captured a photo of the rare baby snow leopard.


A lot of you probably didn’t know this, but Cees used to be a kitty model.


My sister thinks we are a little too into this “infant photoshoot”.


I would say she is right, haha.

If you need me, talk to my agents, I’m very sleepy…too much adventure for one day.


Everyone loves little #VladimirKitten, even people who aren’t cat people.



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8. Photo by Katch Silva

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  1. Posted By Patrice

    GREAT story! Can there be a Part II to this? How did you get Vlad to be so comfortable in the outdoors? Is he always leashed? Any tips? We just adopted 2 baby kittens and they do go outside in our fenced in yard, but we would love to take them hiking with us, etc.

  2. Posted By Todd

    I’ve been following OurVie for a while now and love #VladimirKitten, but didn’t know the back story how they got “Gorby.” Thanks for sharing their story and all the pics from #VladimirKitten’s photoshoots. So cute! ?

  3. Posted By Sandy Carver

    This is the best. Thanks for sharing @chacos. My favorite footwear. My favorite post.

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