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We made our final stop on the 2016 Chaco Tour in Portland, Oregon for Music Fest Northwest Presents: Project Pabst. The festival was a perfect mix of Portland funkiness, summer music festival vibes, and lots of Chacos! It wouldn’t be Portland without a few food carts drawing festival-goers in with appealing smells wafting from their carts. They lined the waterfront between stages offering everything from tacos and BBQ to Asian style biscuits, sandwiches, and ice cream.

chac-tour-project-pabst-4 chac-tour-project-pabst-6

Almost as diverse as the food, was the music lineup for the weekend. On the first day Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Ice Cube, and Duran Duran were the final 3 artists to take the stage.


On the second day folks were so exited to hear Tame Impala and Ween, many people claimed their spots near the stage almost an hour before each artist made their appearance. In between sets, the perfect place to cool down was in the PBRcade.


Inside the refreshing air conditioning was an array of classic arcade games that were endlessly free to play. In addition to the epic variety of games, it was another opportunity for the festival-goers to grab a cold refreshment before heading back out to the stages. Other popular areas to check out included the PBR van with an artful take on graffiti done by the festival-goers, the classic barbershop for a quick trim, and the Starbucks truck for a free iced coffee to keep everyone going through the day and into the night. It was an awesome weekend of great food, awesome music, and fantastic people to bring the Chaco Tour to an end for 2016!

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Featured Styles: Women’s ZX/2 Classic, Men’s Z/1 Classic

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