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We all know the saying: You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. “Friendsgiving” is a tradition dedicated to celebrating our chosen-family. Surrounding the¬†Thanksgiving holiday, a¬†host invites their closest friends over¬†for a time of community building, great conversation,¬†and delicious food. Following the¬†potluck style, guests bring their best culinary¬†dishes. It’s a simple tradition, but it’s one of the best. Here are our¬†top 10 reasons why:

1.¬†It’s Cheap

Friendsgiving is a passport-free activity. It’s a hassle-free get-together with¬†friends close by. No plane tickets needed!


2. These People Are Your Tribe

They can relate to you. They get it. And they know when to avoid awkward political conversations (usually).


3. It’s An Opportunity to Celebrate Your Best Relationships

Take a moment at dinner to toast one another and share anecdotes of your favorite memories. You and your friends will surely feel more deeply loved and appreciated by one another. Warm fuzzies all around!


4. Friendsgiving is a Judgment-Free Zone

We’re talking zero pressure here.¬†This means no snide comments¬†from your older¬†relatives regarding your college major, career goals, new boyfriend/girlfriend, or overall life choices.


5. Can’t¬†Travel? No problem!

Traveling can be expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming. So ditch it! Friendsgiving is a great stand-in if traveling isn’t an option for you.


6. Take a Break From the Culinary Norm

Friendsgiving offers a more eclectic culinary selection than the traditional Thanksgiving meal. This season try homemade pasta, have a taco night, or serve up some decadent crepes instead!


7. Extra Leftovers

Because the feast is always way too big for our bellies. Friendsgiving provides¬†days of leftovers. I don’t¬†have to make my own meals for a week? Sign me up!


8. There Are No Rules

Make this holiday completely your own. Black tie formal? Poker night? Pajama-themed? Do it all!


9. #NoFilter

Conversations with friends are always uncensored- and that alone is worth celebrating.


10. Thankfulness

Friendsgiving simply gives¬†us another opportunity to reflect on all that we’ve been given, including the¬†amazing people in our lives.


Happy Holidays, #ChacoNation! We hope you feel inspired to have your very own friendsgiving, because we all deserve to be celebrated!

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