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Gear up for an unforgettable road trip as we
celebrate our 35th birthday! Craft your own custom
sandals, score complimentary repairs, unlock access
to exclusive gear, and snag sweet freebies along the
way. Let’s hit the road and make memories together!

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    Wedding Ring Animation

    Bellvue, Colorado

    You’re Invited to the
    Chaco Wedding!

    The Mishawaka | Bellvue, Colorado

    Join us for an unforgettable celebration at the
    beautiful Mishawaka
    Amphitheater in Bellevue, CO.
    Get eloped, renew your vows, and build your
    perfect pair of Z/Sandals for your special moment.
    We’ll celebrate with great
    music, giveaways, and
    all-around good vibes.

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    Create your own one-of-a-kind sandal design and
    choose from an array of vibrant and exclusive
    straps. We'll handcraft your pair on site.

    Design A Pair
    Employee fitting a customer with Chaco footwear.


    Our crew will work with
    you to find your perfect fit,
    for optimal comfort.

    Customers choosing Chaco designs.


    Choose from a variety of
    colors and designs that
    match your unique style.

    Employee building Chaco footwear.


    Watch your custom design
    come to life inside our retro
    mobile factory.

    Design A Pair
    Before image of a Chaco repair
    After image of a Chaco repair



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    Whether you need a new outsole or a fresh set of
    straps, our crew is here to get your sandals ready
    for your next adventure.

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    What sandal styles can be
    customized on-site?

    Z/1 Classic
    Chillos Slide

    Are kids styles available for
    customization on-site?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer kids styles for
    customization at this time.

    How much does it cost to
    customize a pair of sandals?

    Z/Sandals: $110
    Chillos Slide: $40

    How much does it cost to
    repair a sandal?

    Your first sandal repair is free, any additional pairs
    will be 50% the cost of standard repair. Standard
    repair costs can be found here.

    What kind of sandal repairs are
    offered on-site?

    Outsole replacement
    Strap replacement
    Buckle replacement
    Strap lengthening and shortening

    What styles can be repaired?

    Z/1 Classic & Cloud
    Z/2 Classic & Cloud
    ZX/1 Classic & Cloud
    ZX/2 Classic & Cloud
    Mega Z/1 Classic & Cloud
    Chillos (Straps Only)
    Pedshed (Resole Only)

    Are custom orders and repairs
    completed same day?

    If the mobile factory has not hit its daily capacity for
    repairs and custom orders, you will likely receive your
    sandals same day. Any custom orders or repairs that
    are collected after on-site capacity is met will be sent
    to our Michigan factory and shipped directly to you at
    no additional cost.