It’s almost time to deck the halls, wrap the gifts, and put up the holiday tree! Every year families have two choices: to buy or not to buy a real holiday tree. We think you should opt for a real holiday tree this season. Here’s why:

1. More Oxygen

Fresh trees absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen. They are the real MVP’s of air purification.


2. Sustainability

Most artificial trees are made from nonrenewable plastics, according to CNN. They are usually petroleum based which means they are not biodegradable. On the other hand, tree farmers plant 1-3 new seeds for every tree they cut down thus creating a never-ending cycle of sustainability.


3. Fight Climate Change

Holiday tree farm soil absorbs more carbon than actual wood from the trees. The less carbon emissions the better!

4. It’s Re-Usable

Natural trees can be recycled into mulch or compost and used to support new life! Check with your local waste management organization to see how you can recycle your used tree.


5. Support Local Growers

Purchasing a real tree helps support local growers and the overall economy. According to Smithsonian Mag, the U.S. Christmas tree industry creates over 100,000 jobs.


6. Good For the Environment

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, real trees prevent the erosion of soil and protect natural water sources.

7. Good For Wildlife

Natural trees provide a home for wildlife. They can even be used to feed wildlife! The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service suggests making your own garlands and ornaments out of popcorn, fruit, or table scraps and then leaving the tree outside for wildlife to feast on.

8. Real Trees Smell Amazing

Let’s be honest. Pine smells amazing. If you choose, you can pick the pine needles from your tree, place them in boiling water, and scent your home for days. On top of that, there is even evidence to show that pine oil reduces stress!


9. Choosing is an Experience

Many families make a day of holiday tree shopping! Explore together through your local tree farm to choose the perfect tree.


10. Holiday Trees Are Beautiful

Plain and simple. Real holiday trees are beautiful.


We hope that we’ve convinced you to opt for a natural tree this year, #ChacoNation. Now let’s get tree shopping!

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