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“Oregon is wild. Wildly diverse. Wildly complex. Wildly beautiful.

We set out to traverse the state of Oregon through the lens of the four elements, making stops at countless beautiful places alongside our talented storyteller friends, Jules Davies and Chelsea Parrett. A soulful search to find and explore the diverse places that make this state such a remarkable beauty. Stay tuned to Downstream because over the next few weeks, we will be unraveling this marvelous adventure – element by element. To explore through all of the elements, read the full Elemental Oregon editorial here.


The last element on our list is Water. Oregon has no shortage of water dominated landscapes to visit, but we felt the Oregon Coast would be the pinnacle example of Water.


The Oregon Coast

A quintessential surf spot, Oswald State Park, otherwise known as Short Sands, has become the mecca of tough coldwater Oregonian surf culture. This is no “beachboys” summer day getatan type of beach. It’s truly not even called a beach to most who know. It’s called The Coast. About a 10 minute walk in from the parking lot through dark green rain forest filled with massive tree trunks and mushroom lined trails, it suddenly opens up wide to a serene looking cove tucked away like a secret treasure.


The alternating weather changes on the Oregon Coast that seem to flow in and out as fast as the waves do reflects the essence of Water. One moment you’re basking in the sunshine with your toes in the sand, and the next you’re running to the forest for cover and a down jacket. It’s the type of place that keeps you on your toes.


The best way to endure the storms between is to share it with friends. Huddling together, building a fire, even in the windiest of days and grilling food as the sun dips below the horizon. This is the kind of place you find peace in still moments, as they often feel rare.


Oregon Coast Survival 101:

  • Bring a layer for every type of weather. Even if it says sunshine.
  • The ocean water is actually warmer in the fall/winter.
  • Bring your own wood for a fire, since almost everything is wet.
  • Socks and Chacos are the best post-surf footwear, comfort is key.
  • Always carry a trash bag with you to pick up the beach. Leave it better than you found it.


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