A note to the Chaco Nation.

As our world works to better understand and
respond to the impacts of COVID-19, we want to
provide a few updates regarding Chaco's response
and our operations for the foreseeable future.

First things first.
Safety & well-being.

To limit exposure within our work and factory
communities, we're taking important steps
to address
COVID-19 - including those
recommended by the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC), World
Health Organization
(WHO), and other government agencies. Our
goal is to remain proactive,
attentive, and fluid
in our response to this evolving situation.

To date, we have taken the
following actions:

  • Brand employees have taken steps to avoid
    possible spread or contamination, including
    implementing social distancing and working
    remotely where possible.
  • We’re over-indexing on recommended
    sanitation procedures, including handwashing
    other hygiene practices, for all team
    members who handle and manufacture Chaco
    products at
    our Michigan factory and our
    distribution center.
  • We’ve reviewed cleaning protocols at
    our facilities to make sure they comply with
    CDC guidance,
    emphasizing high-touch and
    high-traffic areas.
  • We’ve established action plans and protocols
    for any team member who may have been
    to the coronavirus.
  • We’re monitoring the situation closely and are
    prepared to modify our response as needed.

Second. Think about
your local gear shop.

Chaco doesn’t operate brick and mortar stores
of its own, but we’re supported by thousands
brick and mortar dealers that could really
use your support. As shops close temporarily
and social
distancing requires us to stay at
home, think about purchasing gift cards from
your favorite local
outfitter or ordering Chacos
through their website or over the phone. They’re
sure to appreciate
the support. You can find
a list of Chaco dealers in your local area at


Third. You can still
find Chaco online.

Chacos.com remains open with the full Chaco
assortment, including custom products through
MyChacos. While we weather this situation,
we’re committed to ensuring you have access
to quality gear and products for your everyday
adventures. We also have our customer service
and repair technicians standing by (remotely)
to assist with any questions or issues you might
run into.


Fourth. An update
on our factory.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic at
hand, Chaco is retrofitting our ReChaco
operations to aid in the production
of protective masks. Please pardon our delay
as usual factory
operations are temporarily
paused to serve this need.


Finally. Stay in touch
on social.

Tune into our social feeds for the latest news,
updates, and distractions. We promise to keep it
and light, and we’ll be providing tips on
how to stay active and engaged while we’re going
through this
shared experience. Follow us below or
search #ChacoNation to get the full scoop.

Thank you for your continued support of Chaco
and our dealers. We love you, #ChacoNation.
Stay safe. Be well.