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Repair. Rewear. ReChaco.

When your well-loved Z/Sandals get worn down, send them in to get resoled, or restrapped, so you can keep your adventures going for years to come.

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290547 Pairs Saved From Landfills to Date

By repairing instead of rebuying, we keep Chacos out of landfills, use less water from the rivers we explore, and make less of an impact on planet Earth.

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Repaired in Michigan

Repaired in

A small yet passionate team based in Rockford, Michigan, repairs each every Z and even builds exclusive, limited‑edition styles.

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Handcrafted in the USA

At the heart of Chaco is our ReChaco facility, where our technicians take pride in repairing your well-loved Z/Sandals, assemble special edition products, and customize orders—designed specifically for you. Check our our limited edition collections, handcrafted in the Mitten State.

Chaco X Bloomscape Chacos

Inspired by mood boosting houseplants that help you live a greener life, now you can have both.

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