Thank you for your interest in the MyCHACOS sandal and flip customization program, which allows you to customize the embroidery, webbing and potentially other aspects of your CHACO sandals or flips to meet your requirements and express your style. With the flexibility to customize, however, comes responsibility, and Chaco asks you to observe these common sense guidelines when requesting a customization.

Chaco reserves the right to reject any particular customization if Chaco believes that the customization is inappropriate for any reason. For example, Chaco reserves the right to reject any proposed customization that involves:

  • Obscene or offensive content
  • Insulting, disparaging, embarrassing or libelous content
  • Content that is discriminatory, hateful, harassing or threatening
  • Pornographic or sexually explicit material
  • Content that infringes the trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights, privacy rights or other rights of another person or entity (which could include, for example, college and professional sports team names, logos or indicia; company names or logos; celebrity names; movie or TV titles or characters; etc.)
  • Content that is harmful, violent, controversial or abusive to others
  • Content that is illegal, criminal, false or fraudulent or encourages illegal activity
  • Any other content that Chaco does not want to use in a customization

If your customization is rejected by Chaco, you will receive a notification from Chaco and will be invited to re-submit an alternative customization that complies with these guidelines.

If you believe your proposed customization was rejected in error, we encourage you to contact us to review your submission.