Our Declaration

At Chaco, we love being outside and being active, and we treasure the places we play – this is what connects us.

We are part of an innovative industry that welcomes all.

Our individual differences are respected, celebrated, and embraced as essential to the vibrancy of our community.

To preserve and enhance this dynamism, we seek to attract the most talented and skilled employees who reflect the gender diversity of our participants. In making this happen, we will:

  1. Create value for our participants, customers, and communities;
  2. Drive innovation;
  3. Help solve important problems;
  4. Create a competitive advantage; and
  5. Exhibit the ability to improve certain skill areas where needed.

Our Pledge

We at Chaco commit to promote the participation of and leadership opportunities for women at our company.

As part of our commitment, we will ensure that gender diversity is a strategic and visible priority by fostering a culture where women leaders are advanced and individual differences are respected, celebrated, and embraced. As part of our commitment, we will work with Camber Outdoors to:

  1. Establish benchmarks and metrics to measure and report annually on progress toward goals and objectives;
  2. Adopt recruiting practices that lead to more gender balanced candidate pools for key positions;
  3. Provide education, training, and mentoring programs targeted at positive career planning and advancement for women employees; and
  4. Improve support for all employees with families to optimize recruitment and retention of female employees.

We know that these commitments will enrich our culture, bolster our team, and prepare us for the future and all its challenges.

Come Work With Us

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