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Beach sandals have become far too disposable, creating countless tons of waste littering landfills, beaches, and waterways. We’re out to change that with durable construction and sustainable practices, like waterless color processes, repairable outsoles, and reinforced sandal straps.

We aim to stop this


Playa Pro Reach
The Beach

Meet the most durable 3-point sandal on the market. Featuring a toothy gripping outsole, reinforced toe posts, and durable PU footbeds that won’t compress over time. Bonus: Our PU formula is made with green soybean composite and our textile straps are dyed without using single drop of water.


Chaco X Oceana

Chaco is proud to partner with Oceana to support their mission of protecting the world’s oceans. Through advocacy campaigns and expeditions in countries that control one third of the world’s wild fish catch, Oceana is winning science-based policies that are rebuilding abundant and biodiverse oceans.


Ambassador Spotlight Perrin James

Underwater filmmaker, freediver, Aquaman’s doppelganger – Perrin’s made a life and career for himself traveling the world’s oceans and seas, capturing the beauty of the ocean and all its vibrant life. Follow along as Perrin joins us on our own travels through beach life and documents the marine worlds around us.

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