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Introducing the Trend Report: a new, recurring feature from Downstream. From time to time we’re going to dialogue with Chaco’s in-house design team to learn the inspiration and motivation behind our design process. Each webbing is hand designed by our very own Color Team, and each pattern and color is deeply rooted in real world inspiration.

For our first report, we’re looking at biomimicry and how the trend is being integrated into this season’s line. Here’s the skinny from our Color & Trend Manager, Ember Todd:

“Biomimicry is otherworldly inspiration from the depths of the sea. It features skeletal structures mimicking nature’s designs. The vibrant colors of coral inspire many of our webbings this season as well as  the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence and translucence. We created designs to mimic marine wildlife and anchor our collection deeply in the oceanic biosphere.”

The final product? Beautiful patterns and bright coloration, just waiting for you to add them to your closet. For more inspiration, keep scrolling. To shop the collection, go here.

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  1. Posted By JoJo

    Nice report on trend Chaco! Keep them coming.

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