Sometimes an adventure calls for that perfect product which can handle anything. From swirling rapids, to dusty trails,  to your carry-on bag look no further than the Outcross 1 for Men and Women.

The OutCross 1’s closed-toe design offers superior protection from whitewater hazards and toe-stubbing boulders alike, while its vented sides and barefoot construction offer the comfort and breathability of a sandal. It’s the perfect example of amphibious versatility, capable of taking on water or trail in a pinch. The 1’s easy lacing cinch toggle ensures a secure fit and tucks under the lace to avoid potential snags. Its EcoTread™ rubber outsole travels off the beaten path and through the rocky creek bed with ease.  No matter what kind of adventure you encounter, the Outcross 1 can do it all.

Learn more about the OutCross 1 and the entire OutCross family at Chacos.com/OutCross.

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