Chaco MyChacos Flips A


You guys are a creative bunch. With all the personality and spirit you pour into your creations, it was inevitable that we’d expand our custom sandal program with even more options. And with that, we’re please to introduce the latest in custom from the team at MyChacos: Flips!

Featuring a wide range of webbing straps and a host of new customization options, you can tell your own unique story in an ultra-durable, adventure ready flip package. Millions of combinations are possible by personalizing eight separate elements of the Flip, including the toe post, footbed, outsole and each side of the webbing strap. And did we mention that it’s made in Michigan?

Whether you’re beach bound, packing light in the backcountry, or kicking back at camp, our durable, adventure-ready flips are just waiting for you to make them yours. Customize your own today!

Chaco MyChacos Flips B

Chaco MyChacos Flips C

Chaco MyChacos Flips D

Chaco MyChacos Flips E

Chaco MyChacos Flips F

Chaco MyChacos Flips G

Chaco MyChacos Flips H

Chaco MyChacos Flips I

Chaco MyChacos Flips J

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