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3 Creative S’more Ideas That Will Knock Your Sockos Off!

Take your s’more game to the next level this summer. We have 3 unique takes on this campfire classic that will get you fired up to go camping (or make a bonfire in your backyard)! While everyone is familiar with the traditional s’more recipe (Graham Cracker + Marshmallow + Chocolate), that’s just the start of a wonderful and delicious journey into the world of camping dessert decadence. With a little imagination and preparation, there’s no end to the different types of s’more remixes you can make.

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So the next time you’re camping – especially if you’re going with a group – try putting out a few options, mix and match, and see where the evening takes you. You might be surprised with what you come up with. Here are a couple of s’more ideas we’ve been working on while camping in the Trinity Alps in Northern California.

1. Grilled Peaches ‘n Cream

“Movin’ to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches…” There’s nothing quite as perfectly summer as grilled peaches. So put down the fire pit grate, and grill up a few slices to go with your s’more at the end of the evening.

2 Grilled Peach Slices + 2 Graham Crackers + 1/2 Dark Chocolate Bar + 1 Marshmallow

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2. Hazelnut Spread

Go light or lay it on thick, using a chocolate spread gives you complete control over your s’mores’ chocolate-to-marshmallow ratio. We opted for this hazelnut chocolate spread by Justin’s, which come in easy to pack squeeze packets.

1 Packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread + 2 Graham Crackers + 1 Marshmallow 

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3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

We’re not sure how the graham cracker was decided on as the wafer of choice for s’mores, but we thought it could use a slight upgrade.  We modeled this s’more after those chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. Grab two of your favorite chocolate chip cookies and combine with golden brown marshmallow to achieve that perfect mix of fluff and crunch.

2 Chocolate Chip Cookies + 1/2 Chocolate Bar + 1 Marshmallow

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Do you have a special recipe? Let us know your favorite way to enjoy a s’more in the comments below!

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