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The Chaco Z The World Tour is a summer-long trip with stops at some of the country’s biggest and best outdoor music festivals and events. Follow the tour on Snapchat for live updates and keep scrolling for our rundown of Firefly.

This past weekend contained a couple dates that stuck out to us: Father’s Day, the official start of summer, and Chaco’s return to Firefly Music Festival! While the latter is nothing official – it brought us at Chaco a lot of excitement to return to the Woodlands in Dover, Delaware.

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Firefly Music Festival is the fourth festival stop for the Chaco tour. The time of year could not be more perfect for the Mid-Atlantic area and the lineup includes a diverse mix of indie, alternative, rap, mainstream, and electronic.

It was a packed house this weekend, with people filling the lawns for almost all the evening shows. And even though it was crowded, everyone was in good spirits. Keep reading for a look into our experience at the festival.

Our Favorite Show: Ellie Goulding. Her voice is pure magic. She can sing, dance, play multiple instruments – truly she is an amazing performer. We just need to know if she wears Chaco!

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Favorite New Artist Find: Whilk & Misky. They combine electronic, guitar strumming, and deep vocals to make a unique bluesy-electronic mix. It was a perfect combination.

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Favorite First: Silent disco. Located in an area called The Thicket, you can find hundreds of festival-goers shouting lyrics to throwback jams. You get lost in the moment, look over at the person next to you and just wonder if they are enjoying the same tunes as you.

Favorite Stage: The Pavilion. Mostly used for DJ sets, the Pavilion could pack a house and keep the audience amped up whether it was day or night. The photos tell the experience better than we could explain.

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Favorite Festival Item: Our ENO LED Islander Blanket. This item was essential for the weekend. Wrap it around yourself to stay warm or lay it down on the lawn to get a break from dancing. The fact that it lit up helped us from getting stepped on at night, made it easy to spot if you needed to leave, and just made it look super cool.

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Our Favorite Chaco Spotting: All of them! We met so many amazing Chaco lovers from around the country that came to Firefly. We love you, Chaco Nation!

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Here are some other great photos from the weekend.

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The Treehouse Stage was tucked into this wooded area that was perfect for some foot-stompin’ and felt so intimate compared to the other stages.

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Featured Styles: Women’s Z/Cloud X2, Women’s Z/1 Classic, Women’s Custom Z/2Women’s Z/2 Classic, Men’s Z/1 Classic, Women’s Z/1 Grateful Dead, Women’s Custom ZX/2

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