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To give you an in depth look into our inaugural graphic tee program, we took you behind the scenes of local screenprinter Citizenshirt. Located just blocks from Chaco HQ in Grand Rapids, MI Citizenshirt hand printed our made in the USA graphic tees, in ultra-soft cotton to create that worn-in, vintage concert tee feel. Watch the video below for a behind the scenes glimpse at the process, from screen-burning to final packaging, and scroll through the photos for a more in depth understanding of how the process works.

S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0001 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0018 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0019 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0022 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0024 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0026 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0028 (1) S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0034 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0035 (1) S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0036 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0037 S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0039 (1) S16_04-11_CITIZENSHIRT_JVK_0040 (1)

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