Show your #ChacoNation Pride with a Chac-O-Lantern this Halloween!

You will need:

Printed Chaco Pattern Template 


Push Pins


Large Spoon

Carving Knives or Carving Kit

Tea Light  or LED Light

Step One: Pick your pumpkin and empty out the pumpkin guts with a large spoon.

Step Two: Use the pushpins to attach your printed Chac-O-Lantern template to your pumpkin.

Step Three: Use the pushpins to punch holes along your Chac-O-Latern template pattern.

Step Four: Remove your Chac-O-Latern template pattern and trace the pattern with your Sharpie.

Step Five: Carve the traced pattern with a knife or carving kit.

Step Six:  Add  your tea light or LED light.

Step Seven: Share your Chac-O-Lantern to Instagram with the hashtag #ChacOLantern

ChacOLanterns Templates_Page_3 ChacOLanterns Templates_Page_4 ChacOLanterns Templates_Page_5 ChacOLanterns Templates_Page_2 ChacOLanterns Templates_Page_1

Sandal-Still Combined_FNL Pumpkins

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