Care for Your Chacos

Anti-Funk Home Remedies

Feet stink, but your sandals don't have to! Here are some home concoctions we use to stay in good standing with our friends:

Chacos still smelling a little too "adventurous"?

For Chaco Webbing products:

A note on Chaco hygiene:

Because Chaco products are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, all Z sandals are equipped with a continuous webbing system that flows underneath the footbed. This allows you to adjust the sandal and obtain a perfect fit, every time. To prevent unneeded wear on your sandals, floss the webbing after each wash to remove any grit from the channels.

For Chaco Leather Products:

Plain stumped?

Give us a call! We'll keep your worn sandals out of the landfill by putting them in the hands of our ReChaco sandal surgeons for repair. See the ReChaco section of our website for details or call our Customer Service department at 888-211-9211.