This April we’re celebrating Chaco River Month: an entire month dedicated to stories and adventures inspired by our nation’s waterways. But why rivers, you ask?

For starters, rivers are our origins. Chaco was born on the river and founded by a river guide in 1989. Since the very first Chaco Z sandal was invented, rivers have been at the core of our DNA and forever a part of our essence and function.

But there’s far more to it than that. Let’s break it down…


Rivers Are Our Inspiration

At Chaco, we love river sports. Whether it’s kayaking, rafting, surfing, floating, fishing, canoeing or stand-up paddling, we design our products with the best technology and support for these activities. We make sandals that you can swim in, outsoles that grip on slippery rocks, and amphibious shoes that jump in-between riverbanks and trail heads making river adventures more fun and accessible for everyone.


Rivers Are Recreation

Rivers represent some of our favorite places to play, encompassing 3.5 million river miles in the United States. Did you know that all rivers are part of the public domain? So long as you launch from public lands, rivers in America are open to anyone and everyone. Whether it’s a casual float with friends on a hot day, a canoe ride down a local waterway, or fly-fishing at a nearby stream, rivers are playgrounds worthy of protecting.


Healthy Rivers = Healthy Planet

Rivers play an integral role in our environment and ecology. Do you like to fish? A healthy river means stronger runs and better fish stocks. Do you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables? Rivers are imperative to irrigating our soil. And how about that water you’re drinking? Yep, sixty five percent of our drinking water comes from our nation’s river ways.


Get Involved

As part of Chaco River Month, we are proud to support American Rivers® in their efforts to conserve our river ways for the enjoyment of future generations. To learn more about our endangered rivers and how you can get involved, visit AmericanRivers.org.

We hope you’ll follow along as we share new river stories each week. Dive in and join the conversation. #WeAreRivers

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