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We’re following up on our ladies’ spring break style post and don’t worry guys, we’ve got some suggestions for you, too. When it comes to packing your bags for spring break, we’ve got simple advice: Go functional and go funky. See below for our tips.

1. Bold Prints, Button Downs

If you’re heading south this break, expect heat and humidity. In that setting, you’ll want a couple short-sleeve button down shirts in a breathable fabric like organic cotton or hemp. To take it up a level, find funky prints, florals, or patterns.

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2. Easy Tanks

Like we said, it will likely be hot. Stash a couple tanks – one that’s casual and another that’s made of a wicking performance fabric – so that you’re covered for layering on the beach, wandering around town,  hiking and exploring.


3. Flips

For sun and sand, your trusty flips are a must. Our Flip EcoTread™ is one of the most durable performance flips available (meaning your toe posts won’t bust and you’ll feel supported all day) and Outside Magazine voted our ultralight Z/Volv Flip the best performance flip available.  If you want to go more casual, grab one of our leather options – like the Kirkwood. They have the standard Chaco LUVSEAT™ footbed and they’re uber comfortable.


4. Board Shorts

You can’t hit the beach without your board shorts. Lined or unlined, we recommend one of the less baggy options available these days. Your shorts should come down just above the knee and you’ll want something with a utility pocket or two for stashing valuables.

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5. Z/Sandals

The ultimate adventure sandal. Bring a pair of Zs for your everyday or for off-the-beaten-path side trips or swimming in ocean. Because of our ChacoGrip™ outsoles and PU construction, they’re perfect for beaches with volcanic rock, coral reefs, or sharp stones. They’re so comfortable and supportive that you can wear them all vacation without tiring out your feet or legs. And they’re easy to wash off in the ocean or shower.

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6. Active Shorts for Exploring

Comfortable, breathable shorts and tops are a must if you plan to hike or explore your spring break destination beyond the beach. We’re a big fan of Patagonia’s Baggies™ Shorts as they’re versatile for active performance and as a back-up swimsuit.


7. Jogger Pants

Yeah, you see them everywhere these days, but we’re big fans of the jogger. They’re super comfortable, casual, and – if you pick the right fabric – breathable. They can be layered over a swimsuit like they’re track pants and can be dressed up or down depending on if you’re hitting the town at night.


8. Your Favorite Tee

Casual and comfortable. You’ve already broken it in. You’ll want it for coverage between beach and basecamp (or hotel or campsite). And it’s a great way to rep your favorite brands or bands.

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9. A Hat & Sunglasses

All that time in the sun can do a number on your face and eyes if you’re not prepared. Aside from applying sunscreen, pack a cap and some polarized sunglasses (we’re a fan of the Smith’s Clark). Your hat should be quick drying (assuming you like to get it wet like we do) and if you want to mix it up, forgo the traditional ball cap or lo-pro trucker for a 5 panel, flat brim or something with bright colors.

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