ZX/2® Yampa Sandal

$100.00 Style J104018

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Average Rating: 4.0

161 reviews

7% said Smaller than Expected
9% said Larger than Expected
84% said Sized as Expected

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By runnergirlrach 4/8/2011

Most Helpful Positive Review

I recently purchased the ZX/2 Vibram Yampa's in Fiesta color, and I LOVE THEM! I get so many compliments on them, asking if those are really Chacos (due to the new, amazing color). These shoes are indestructible. I've taken them tons of places, and they've held up great! I have no complaints at all about these shoes!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Hiking, Everyday Use

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Worst Chaco's EVER!!!
By denverrei (Denver, CO) 4/22/2011

Most Helpful Critical Review

I have bought A LOT of Chaco's in my time but these are HORRIBLE! I have the Z/2 Yampa's so I am use to the "straps". I can NOT even begin to tell you how long it took me to get these to fit properly and I am STILL working on them. If I could return them I would....

Chaco's Reply: Thank you for your review. We will be contacting you shortly to take care of this matter.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected

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These shoes... <3
By Anonymous 4/22/2014

I actually got these shoes for free from Chaco when I graduated High School. I was writing out Thank You cards to all the people that helped me throughout school so I thought Chacos ought to have one too. I wrote them one and a couple weeks later I got a phone call saying they wanted to give me a pair to replace the ones I had all through High School! Then these bad boys showed up in the mail! :) I've got the Fiesta rainbow looking ones and have had them for almost 4 years now and have very literally almost walked out of these! I have my old trusty ZX/2 Unaweeps for my more strenuous adventures but my Yampas get WAY more wear and tear because they're my everyday shoe. After 4 years of constant use I have practically worn the sole off. On both heels there is no pink left (it's been worn down to the black footbed) and on the front of the sole I have worn through the pink exposing the webbing of the straps and it's starting to wear them down too. This is really no fault of Chacos I just wear these shoes ALL THE TIME. If you love the durability of some of the sturdier Chacos but are looking for something a little more lightweight look no further. One thing also to note is that the distance between your toes and the edge of the footbed is a little shorter with this style but not so short that you can stub your toe! Some people were worried about traction in the reviews but I had no problem with that. I work on a dock and these never gave me any trouble when it got slippery. And the color of the webbing never dulls, mine are still almost just as vibrant as the day they came out of the box...when you wash the dirt off of them. Haha! I thought I could never love a pair of shoes as much as my Unaweeps but these stole my heart. I am so sad to be retiring this shoe but I don't think ReChaco can resole a Yampa. :( But I'm about to go shopping around for my replacement pair and Yampas will be at the top of my list!

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Anything you can do, you can do better in this shoe!

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