Z/2® Unaweep Wide Sandal

$105.00 Style J100025W

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By user_19490 7/21/2010

Most Helpful Positive Review

I love my Chaco's! I've been wearing Z/2's since 2002. I'm a climbing and paddling guide so I spend a substantial amount of time in sandals and outside. I've had the Z/2 with the unaweep sole for a year and they're great, they're super comfy, and super secure on the foot. I'm ot a huge fan of the unaweep sole, it's great for hiking and general around town use, but I've had a couple of times that I've slipped on slightly damp rock. They also don't stick to dry rock nearly as well as the stealth sole (haven't tried the pro sole yet). They are great for walking, I climbed mt elbert, tallest mountain in CO last september, 12 miles round trip and my feet didn't even flinch in my chaco's, way more comfortable and lighter than hiking boots.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: hiking and around town

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By bobdog742002 7/24/2012

Most Helpful Critical Review

This is my first pair of Chacos,while I'm impressed with the feel and comfort of the sandals due to having absolutely no arches in my feet, I am upset that I have only had them 3 weeks and the soles are coming off. I have only wore them a matter of 6 days during that period and most of that time was in a vehicle while driving.

Chaco's Reply: Your soles should not be coming off at all! We will be in contact with you very soon with some options for your sandals.

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By Anonymous 4/10/2015

Buy them. Do it. I wear these everywhere. Around town, on boats, exploring streams, weekend hikes, you name it. From conquering volcanoes in Indonesia to climbing coconut trees in Cuba to wading through thigh deep mud on a bay shore, forests to desert to cityscape, these trusty sandals have taken all comers. 3 years of high adventure later and they're not only alive, but have many years of use left in them. They remain the single greatest investment in footwear I've ever made. I even backpacked the Lost Coast in them and loved it. Although I first mocked for my choice in footwear ("really dude?"), my buddies soon ate their words. While my hiking partners were stuck trudging across sand for miles, picking pebbles out their boots and unlacing at every stream, I strolled across every terrain without problems, an advantage that made my trip all the better. Plunging your feet into an ice cold stream (ahhhhh) and them walking on without unlacing and was simply phenomenal. For years, I suffered through flip flops and cheap sandals. I rocked Tevas for a bit, but found that the "shock pack" in the heel didn't compress with the rest of the shoe, which made me rest more on the balls of my feet over time (something my doctor pointed out!). I switched to Chacos, and after a breaking in period, have never, ever looked back. You won't either.

Chaco's Reply: Thanks for the awesome feedback! We are in awe!

Product Size Rating: Larger than Expected
How do you most use this product?: Everyday, Every Trail

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