With over 246 million possible combinations, you can design your custom MyChacos sandals to be just as unique as you are. But sometimes, starting with a blank canvas—or sandal—can be a little overwhelming.

The Chaco team—who builds your MyChacos sandals and fixes your well-loved pairs through the ReChaco program—is here to help. Check out a few of their unique designs for summer and get inspired to create your own!



“I have two pair of Chacos. This pair is what I like to call ‘Fun & Funky Nature’ – very bright colors like what you see in nature all around you. Made for the river.”



“I really like earthy tones, so the green webbing and buckles with the brown footbed and sole were perfect. I added the glow in the dark Chaco logo badges because, why not?!”



“I love light, bright colors, and love how they look on the Graphite footbed!”



“I love the basic black with a pop of color in the stitching and the logo. Orange is my jam this summer – so I fell in love with these tie-die orange Chaco logo badges!”


Head over to the MyChaco tool to start designing your own! You can start from scratch with a blank sandal, or start with one of the featured designs and make adjustments to fit your style.

Comments (2)

By Demonslayer53 7/21/2013

I love earth tones so I kept my Chacos down to earth with the cherry blossom and chocolate brown. I love my custom Chacos.

By lyandell02 6/25/2013

I love my custom Chacos! Much like Tracy, I'm a fan of the bright colors too, mine are tomato red and purple. So fun! Thanks to the myChacos team :)

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