My name is Michael Tavares and I am a professional Stand Up Paddle boarder and whitewater kayaker.

Since my first trip down the river, I have been immersed in the whitewater lifestyle and have been chasing the dream for 9 years. Over those 9 years, I have done a little bit of everything, but the common thread continues to be the love of whitewater competition and the lifestyle that goes with it.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the sport of Stand Up Paddling and was immediately hooked. I saw amazing opportunities for river surfing as well as paddling downriver. I also loved the fact that I could paddle a board virtually anywhere at anytime, which enabled me to have way more fun training for the rest of my activities. My love for the Sport has grown over the past few years and has turned into both a huge passion as well as a full time job. I am now an athlete with Boardworks and traveling the U.S. this summer bringing the sport of whitewater and inland SUP to as many people as possible through the 2012 Boardworks Surf SHUBU tour (Show Up and Blow Up). 

I am equally excited to have Chacos to compete and wear during my tour. Get ready to watch me on-water in the Tedinho's and Ponsuls- both great looking with awesome support, comfort, and grip. People have been staring at my feet when I paddle up! Hope to see you at a river festival this summer! If you see the RV and trailer, don't be shy! LINK




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