2013 has been an exceptional year at Chaco.  We made amazing footwear, we gave away a lot of stickers and we planned 2014.  We thought we would close out the year with a look back at 2013 and a look forward to 2014. Above all, we are grateful for the Chaco community and the opportunity we have to share in your adventures! 

“2013 was a transformative year for Chaco, with several key new additions to the awesome team and a resurgence of sorts for the brand; and I am confident that 2014 will be another strong year for Chaco, and that we will further solidify our place in the hearts and souls of adventure seekers everywhere.” Chip, GM of Chaco

“2013 was busy and full of excitement and successes; 2014 will only be busier and better!” –Elizabeth, Sales

“2013 was a year of learning both professionally and personally.  2014 will be my opportunity to expand my experiences and continue to dream.” Sarah, Sales/Marketing

“This year has been the best yet with the birth of my first baby girl! The Chaco team has been so supportive of me and my new family, making the transition back to work seamless. I love our team and am looking forward to another great year with these awesome people!” – Tina,  Product Development

“2013 was a stellar year.  ReChaco and MyChaco grew by leaps and bounds.  In an environment that allows for creative freedom, learning, and growth the ReChaco team has become stronger and we continue to conquer one (or ten) projects at a time.  We look forward to fixing and creating anything that comes our way in 2014. “ Lisa, ReChaco/MyChaco  

“2013 will certainly go down in my memory as a year of change. This year, I left my previous city, explored our national parks, worked on a commercial salmon boat, found out I'm about to be a father, and found myself returning to my home state. In the course of this madness, I found Chaco – or perhaps they found me. I'm the newest addition to the team, so I can't speak about this subject as thoughtfully as my co-workers, but I do know this: I can't imagine being part of a better brand or a better team who makes as great a product as this one. This team lives the brand day and night, and leaves nothing behind when it comes to making amazing products and creating an incredible customer experience. And I get to be part of it – how incredible is that? Looking back on 2013 and looking ahead to 2014, I'm reminded of a quote by the author Kurt Vonnegut:

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and to exclaim or murmur or think at some point "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."

Believe me, I've noticed. And next year, when it comes to Chaco, I think you will too.” Josh, Marketing

“2013 was defined by change for me; both intentional and serendipitous, but all with forward momentum. I am one of the new members to the team and dove head first in to the world of product development this last July. Like most, I am excited for the challenges and adventures ahead as our brand grows. However; I am most excited about getting to work with the best theme song-singing, taco loving, flannel wearing, adventure seeking, snack sharing, Chaco style setting team!” Heather, Product Development 

"2013 was a year of gratefulness for me; filled with adventure, new friends and unprecedented opportunities. 2014 promises to bring new challenges and more #Chacomania !” Kelley, Marketing

“Thank you, Chaconians, for a wonderful 2013.  We appreciate you sharing your adventures with us!” Colin, Marketing Manager



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By Terri2u2 12/26/2013

You all sound like the most wonderful, happy, and upbeat people a company could have!!! It's very uplifting!! I wish you ALL the best in 2014!!! Terri

By KittyH 3/8/2014

I just read a eulogy (love story)on facebook for a pair of Chacos. It was funny and well written. It made me curious enough to log onto the Chacos site and check out the shoes.

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