The Team from Pack Rat Outdoor Center told us how they wear their Chacos:


Samantha Fisher Farrell, Footwear Buyer

I wear my Chacos as much as I can. I got my first Chacos in May 2007, right before a climbing adventure in Colorado.

They have been everywhere from climbing, hiking and paddling, to washing the dog and walking all over Disney World at 32 weeks pregnant. 

As the Footwear Buyer at Pack Rat Outdoor Center, I am lucky to get to work closely with Chaco every season.

They keep coming out with innovative ideas and designs that keep them ahead of the game!

Thank you for keeping my feet happy and healthy in every adventure I have been on.


Chally Sims, Manager/Owner

I wear my Chacos when I take my niece on adventures in the backcountry. I taught her to fish, paddle a canoe, camp on a

gravel on bar on the Buffalo River, build a campfire, set up a tent and cook the best ever backcountry spaghetti.

My niece was five on that river trip. Since then, we’ve begun our adventures in backpacking!

We take our Chaco sandals on every adventure we have together.


Carolyn Crook, Founder/Owner

When you are as old as I am (over 65), you need to be comfortable when you are on your feet for an 8-10 hour day.

During the spring and summer my special make-up Chacos give the support that I need. Comfort is the most important

thing as you get older. (Image: Pack Rat Outdoor Center 40th Anniversary custom Chacos)


Rick Spicer, Buyer/Owner

I wear Chacos because my feet are happiest in them. I have a lot of other shoes for specific purposes like, climbing, hiking, fitness, etc., but when I don't need

something for a specific niche I live in Chacos. I've been sold on them for 15 years and counting and don't remember a trip I've been on when I didn't take them along.

I guess you could say they are part of my uniform.


Faebyan Whittle

I wear my Chacos... 245 days out of the year...with the exception of leap years then I reunite with my Chacos a day early.

But I bet you hear that all the time. However, while some people may simply covet their Chacos because they are

hands-down as cool as cucumbers, I have made a life-pact with mine. I am a woman with 10 pairs of shoes and four pairs are Chaco sandals.

I begin everyday knowing that anything worth doing in this world most likely should be done in a pair of Chacos. Of course, with

freedom and knowledge like this comes responsibility. I would never take my Chacos to place they didn't belong...such

as through a fire ant hill or a swamp with alligators. It is common knowledge that fire ants and the webbing on Chacos are mortal enemies and that an alligator will eat Chacos

without hesitation. And because I love my Chacos so much, If I had one wish in the entire universe, it would be it would be for world peace. But, if I were given two wishes, I would wish

for every person on the planet to have a pair of Chacos because I would want them to be as happy as me. I do know that Chacos alone will not bring you endless joy, but wearing them on your feet surely will.


Ali Williams, Community Organizer

I wear my Chacos or have worn my Chacos everyday between the months of March and November until the Chaco tan seems like an inverted birthmark.

I have worn my Chacos with socks around many a campfire (maybe even melted a couple of soles). Chacos have been both my "water crossing" shoe and my

"12 mile hikers" on numerous adventures. I have always kept at least 2 pair handy, but no more than 5 at any given time. Chacos have been incorporated into about every

outfit and "fashion" phase that I have gone in and out of since I started at Pack Rat Outdoor Center in 2006. The nastiest my poor Chacos have ever been was after a

torrential rainfall during Austin City Limits in 2009. They weren’t allowed in the car on the ride home for a reason.


Miriam Daniel

Unfortunately, 'I wear my Chacos' is a statement that currently does not apply to me. But, I was a faithful Chaco wearer while I was in high school and into my first year of college. I owned that single pair of Chacos for five years. They ventured on many a road trip....Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, etc. They were faithful shoes that could handle any sort of terrain. I probably broke a few fashion rules along the way, but honestly I think that socks and Chacos are just best friends that people want to keep apart. I was proud of the Chaco tan line that my pale skin begrudgingly formed. I also loved my Chacos because they made my short stature almost an entire inch taller. I have mourned the death of those Chacos for a few years now and I suppose it it time for me to purchase another pair and kindle a new love affair.

Adam Higinbothom, Floor Manager

I wear my Chacos everywhere. My hiking boots generally take a backseat to the Chacos on day trips. It’s my paddle shoe, my day hiker, my work shoe, and my kick around. If there is a shoe on my foot, it is a Chaco or it has a Superfeet in it. I will wear Chacos FOREVER.


Sandy Staszkiewicz

I wear my Chacos….but I gave them up for love. Yes, I said it...for Love. I gave my Z1 Pro Chacos to my friend Galen. Galen is one of my favorite people that I work with at the Pack Rat Outdoor Center. He is LSU loyal but chooses to live among the Razorbacks of Arkansas. In the process of moving north away from Bourbon Street and the Bayou, he lost his Chaco tan. Yup, it faded. And even though I am a lady, my feet are not. My feet feel more comfortable in a men’s size 9 Chaco. Coincidentally, Galen wears a men’s size 9. I smile now when I see Galen sporting his Z1 Chaco tan. And my heart is full of love. Like I said, I wear my Chacos but gave them up for love.


Will Dupree

I wear my Chaco Z2’s almost everyday during the summer months. Everything from work, fiddling with my boats, to having an adult beverage. Now, I will wear Chacos when it’s cold. The hinterlands will be perfect when the digits head south and I can’t wear my Z2’s. As a light hiker, or all day at the outdoor center, I will be showing my Chaco love!


Hannah Spencer

I wear my Chacos feeling prepared for the journey ahead. Good gear like good people has come and gone, but my Chacos have remained for 8 years. They have been my companions protecting my feet on all of my big adventures; from exploring the islands of Hawaii, crossing the rivers in Colorado, to wandering the Oregon coast, and beyond. I synch down that webbing and walk out into uncertainty with one comfort, that I'm wearing my Chacos on the journey ahead.


Levi Finn

I wear my Chacos when I hike, bike, run, walk, zip-line, work, and just want to be comfortable. They are my do all, end all shoe, any time of the year. I even tried riding my motorcycle with them, but quickly decided that wasn't the best idea, so instead I wear my Chaco shoes.


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