World Kayak and Chaco have formed a bond this year, allowing Chaco to sponsor 160  World Kayak events. Working alongside the Colin, Emily and the rest of the World Kayak team has got us stoked on life.  The roots of the Chaco brand began while floating rapids as carefully and effortlessly as the World Kayak team does on their tour, and we think that this team is one of the raddest out there. They are incredibly talented people with the most humble approach to life!

Anyone interested in jumping in the water with some hard core boaters, check out the World Kayak website and blog: World Kayak events are open to amateur kayakers all over the globe. You don’t have to be a pro to get in on the action; everyone entering a World Kayak event will get a chance to win cool prizes. Pros will be in attendance for tips and tricks, and what’s better than winning a free pair of Chacos for playing in your kayak?

Teaser!! Keep on the lookout for a Chaco & World Kayak contest... coming soon.


Daniel Dutton @ the 2011 Nolichucky/Nantahala Hometown Throwdown in Tennessee


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