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Chaco is proud to unveil our innovative new Barefoot Z sandal.  25 years ago this month, we launched our iconic Z sandal.  Today we bring you the lightest and most minimal sport sandal ever created.  At a mere 40 grams, our hyper-minimal silhouette is so low profile you won’t even realize they are on your feet.

The Barefoot Z features a new Paleolithic design with a GroundTouch footbed that has been millions of years in the making. Jacquard webbing wraps across the foot and finishes in a toe loop for total forefoot control. The minimalist outsole design will leave feet calloused, creating luggy knots of hardened skin for a tread that can take on any trail.




Okay, okay... while Barefoot Z’s aren’t real, our 25th Anniversary sure is! For a quarter-century we’ve been adventuring with you: down rivers, over mountains, around the world, and back. Thank you for making our history together unforgettable! Join us, and participate in Chaco’s 25th anniversary celebration with new products, contests and journeys:

Comments (26)

By lyandell02 4/1/2014

I would totally sport those around the house! Let's turn this joke into a reality Chaco! ;)

By Justinhaynes12 4/1/2014

I was kinda excited about this 😞

By jeff 4/1/2014

it's not really too should make a minimal style just like that with a minimal but tough sole and your classic web design.......i wear minimal sandals and was hoping chacos made some when i first started are missing out on a huge the joke is on you....our loss and yours...a pity.....a predict someone(s) else will take that exact webbing system like in the picture and attach a rugged but minimal (like 10mm) sole and will finally give a true alternative to barefoot ted's luna've really created BarefootZZZ.....meaning you guys are asleep...come on....hurry up an make some real hardcore minimal street/trail sandals

By user_459779 4/1/2014

I love a company with a sense of humor just as much as I love my Chacos! Been wearing them for almost 25 years, back when people thought they were "weird" looking. Have a great day, Chaco!

By ellenjo 4/1/2014

April Fools!

By irie 4/1/2014

this email was a great thing to get today. i was thinking-- are they serious!?! after reading, i forwarded to my friends and family telling them i was going to get them a pair :) happy 25th!

By serenajanem 4/1/2014

BAHAHA I had started to think Chaco was going crazy, but then again some people might buy those. Happy 25th Chaco

By cosnowflake 4/1/2014

Love this!! My favorite sandals, but what a great April Fools joke!!

By stallmon 4/1/2014

The BEST! I needed this today. Thanks for making me laugh out loud - and thanks for your fantastic shoes that I've been wearing over the last 20 years. Loved them them now! Brava/Bravo on 25 years!!

By Stephen 4/2/2014

Yeah, you got me. I thought "this is crazy". It reminded me of the 70's (yes, I am old enough) when the "hippie chicks" would wear a toe ring made to look like the top of a sandal strap, but were really barefoot. My wife said it was Chaco jumping into the barefoot craze we are seeing at the gym. I was scrolling down to see what goofy price you would charge for these, when I hit the gotcha. Good job!

By aneesmith 4/1/2014

I agree with karl. I believe this would make a great "water shoe" with a thin bottom almost like the "five finger" shoes. Very minimalist but still functional. I spend many hour out on a river that has a muddy bottom, many times I step on sharp rocks and other underwater mysteries. Yes, I could wear water shoes but their bottoms get slick so slipping is an issue and I find them so constricting. Lets revisit and revise this prank Chaco! P.S. this post isn't a April Fools Joke :)

By eabbott 4/2/2014

Is it bad that I would totally buy this??

By dedwarmo 6/9/2014

I would love it if Chaco made a light-weight, thinner soled sandal with their brilliant strap design. I found a pair of minimalist shoes that I love and now wish Chaco made something that can compare.

By Mark 4/1/2014

Excellent idea ! I have Plantar Fasciitis from my Army career, the Barefoot Zs would be perfect for my feet ! The support for my feet would be superb, as all the other Chacos products are. I agree with the other commenters, let's make this happen !

By karl 4/1/2014

I have thought for some time that Chaco sandals need a thinner sole; they are almost "clunky" this April Fool's announcement isnt too far of the mark of what I think would be a very useful sandal for water based activities...think Five Finger sole with Chaco straps...

By TaylorMae43 4/12/2014

Well... I was really excited cause I thought these were real.. but instead, you crushed my hopes and dreams. In all seriousness, make these. There are a lot of people, including me, who would invest in them. I'll be waiting.

By calebp24 4/29/2015

Was getting really excited about these until it said they weren't real.

By shanes 4/1/2014

I would actually buy this. I wear 'barefoot sandals' frequently.

By Detective221B 4/2/2014

I wasn't really sure what to think when I saw these. I was kinda hoping that they might be real since I HATE shoes, and LOVE being barefoot, the only problem is health and safety codes/laws (at least where I live in the Midwest U.S.) state that shoes have to be worn at all times, and as this design has no sole I'm sure it wouldn't count as a shoe/adequate foot covering. But, maybe one day you make something for us Barefooters... ;)

By Reactorleak05 4/2/2014

Hehehe, you guys...

By John T 4/2/2014

Ok, Chaco, you got me!

By calebp24 4/29/2015

Was getting really excited about these until it said they weren't real.

By Sir Robert of Oxford 4/1/2014

Man, you had me hook, line,and sinker. When i read about calloused feet, lumpy knots,and hardened skin, I thought not for me, but you know some people. That's like putting me up on the torture rack. You got me!!! Now, about that lake front property in Nevada.........

By Islandpt24 8/16/2014

If you look up the research on barefoot running, preventing ankle sprains, a need to have increased control through full gait, I encourage you to look into this with another cinch point, and a sheath to connect the webbing pieces on the bottom to maintain skin integrity. DR, PT, DPT

By Gracie1356 4/1/2014

If you guys made these is so but them for like 30$ these would be great for my cheer and tumbling classes because they have very nice support that let's you bend your foot all ways. But the only thing I don't like is how would you put them on? But other than that I would buy them

By amyniixon 4/26/2015

Damn! I want these! (Also please start shipping to Australia for custom designs :) )

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