With summer winding down, Chaconians of all ages are thinking back-to-school. To help you get the right fit for your little Chaconians this fall, we developed a downloadable, printable, hang-on-the-fridge-able shoe size chart to measure their feet.

Download the size chart >

Download the PDF size chart and print it at 100% scale (you may need to select “no page scaling,” depending on your printer). To make sure it printed correctly, place a credit card in the “Tip” box in the lower left corner. If the credit card fits in the box, you’re ready to measure!

Follow the instructions on the chart to measure left and right feet. Remember, it is common for kids (and adults, too) to have two different sized feet—so be sure to measure both and go with the larger size. And don’t forget to leave a little growing room!

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve got the right size, check out our lineup of kids’ shoes and sandals for the fall. Shop Younger Kids (sizes 10-3) or Older Kids (sizes 4-6).

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