In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the LUV shared between Chaconians and their sandals! Take a look at some of our favorite LUV notes sent to our ReChaco team.

We always knew Chacos were durable, but this Chaconian shares how hers have stuck by her side through the ups and downs of dating.

Chacos make great travel companions, and Chaconian Sophie shares how her pairs have traveled with her as a river guide.

Our ReChaco team is able to repair and replace webbing and soles, keeping waste out of landfills and giving you more time with the sandals you LUV.

Check out our ReChaco video to learn more about our repair and custom sandal services, meet the team, and hear even more stories! Visit the ReChaco page to order repair services, or email to learn more about ordering a custom pair.

So wherever you are this Valentine’s Day, remember that you’re never alone when you’ve got your Chacos. And your Chacos LUV you back!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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By wdclapp 2/14/2012

Gotta give luv to my bruvs (and sistas) for these shoes, they fit like gloves love em more as they wear off the news, take me places green and white, snow covered hills, any human can delight Whats that, did you notice, yea yea, they be the new otis. More than a dream, my feet cant help buy gleam. Enough games:). Been wearing Chaco's toe strapped sandals for the past 6 years. All over the Beartooth Mountains and the coasts of: Texas, Portland, Cali, and Ecuador. One sole redone, and one brand new pair for free. Why, because this is a company that cares and loves you and your feet, doesn't that seem neat. Can't help but love them back. Scratch each others backs. That's what its about. As one human race we carry more clout. I meant to keep this short, but Chaco's, have you thought about becoming a B-Corp? I will continue to recommend your sandals and boots to everyone with feet. Love, WX

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