Feet get stinky after a day of fun. Here are our tips for taking care of your sandals and avoiding the funk!

To de-funk your sandals, follow these quick home remedies for proper Chaco hygiene.

Wash sandals frequently. Obvious, but people forget.

Wear your sandals in the shower. Why not? It's fun and saves some water!

Throw any non-leather Chaco sandals in the washing machine. And air-dry them.

Proper Flossing Leads to Overall Sandal Health
Because Chaco products are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, all Z sandals are equipped with a continuous webbing system that flows underneath the footbed. This allows you to adjust the sandal and obtain a perfect fit, every time. To prevent unneeded wear on your sandals, floss the webbing after each wash to remove any grit from the channels.

•     To floss-make a mixture of ½ water and ½ fabric softener and pour in the channels of each webbing opening. “Floss” the webbing back and forth to remove grit and allow for proper webbing activity.Flush with water to remove debris and cleaning fluids.


Chacos still smelling a little too "adventurous"?

For Chaco Webbing products:

Scrub the footbed of your sandals with baking soda & water. Rinse and let air dry.

Avoid bleach! Allow to air dry and do not place sandals in the dryer.

Floss webbing! Every few washes pull the webbing back and forth to keep the channels clear of grit & sand. Pour liquid fabric softener into the slits where webbing meets the footbed in order to help slide the webbing.

For Chaco Leather Products:

Hand wash with a damp cloth & gently blot the area that needs cleaning.

Air dry! Allow wet sandals to air dry. Do not place leather sandals in the dryer or near any heat source (this may cause the leather to become brittle and crack).

Leather conditioner is your friend. Use a high quality leather conditioner to help preserve your sandals (Note: this may darken their color).


Comments (7)

By user_522037 5/24/2012

Violingirlgonewild, I hope you mean "washing machine" as in, for clothing, not "dishwasher", as in, for dishes that you eat off of?? My Chaco flips come out squeaky clean and refreshed (air dry, of course) from the clothes-washing machine. They can be washed in the same load with bathroom rugs or towels, to get full use of the whole machine-full of water. I use powder detergent (Bio-Kleen, I think it's called) for great results. Happy washing to all!

By Rhino307 7/22/2014

To AngelREIDallas, I have had mine for the same amount of time and have had the EXACT same problem. Soaked them overnight in fabric softener and water but they still won't move. Hopefully someone could give some insight into what we're doing wrong.

By Kevin 5/9/2012

I wear my Chacos while working in the Virgin River in Southwest Utah. Keeps the funk off. But I also wonder about flossing. I've flossed some Chacos that I've had over the years regularly, and wondered if flossing may actually be advancing the wear on straps by grinding the sand against the strap repeatedly each time you floss (like using sandpaper on them would). What do you think?

By Kinorob 5/9/2012

I find that flossing the straps right after trips to the beach, etc., where the sandals get sand in the slits, helps reduce wear on the straps overall. When I have forgotten to clean sandals of sand right away, the straps seem to wear out more quickly from wearing them and letting the sand grind against the straps. Flossing them does grind against the straps, but it's over and done quickly, instead of over a period of days or weeks. That's my opinion.

By Violingirlgonewild 5/11/2012

I've showered with mine, whitewater rafted in mine, washed my car in mine, etc. All were failed attempts at getting them truly clean. THEN, someone told me to run them through the dishwasher with bleach free detergent and without the dry cycle (heat can be harmful.) It was amazing! Both pairs of my Zs were the cleanest they had been since I got them.

By AngelREIDallas 7/10/2012

I have had my Chacos for only 1 month and my straps will NOT floss. I cannot move my straps at all. They are completely stuck. I haven't even worn them out on the trails and dirt yet. I've tried fabric softener. Do I need to soak them overnight? Has anyone had this problem? Please help.

By marcia8 7/21/2015

Yes to Angel, I can't budge the straps. I have the double strap chacos, I've had them for a year but haven't been able to wear them much because I can't adjust them. Right out of the box the straps seemed to tight and wouldn't loosen all the way. I will try fabric softener but really think it might be a manufacturing error. I have another pair of single strap toe Chaocs which I had no problem tightening and I LOVE them. So what do I do now?

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