As an athlete, I spend a lot of time moving. Whether it’s in the car on the way to a race or the hours upon hours of training…I am constantly on the go.  The best part is having a pair of shoes that allow me to continue to be active without aching feet at the end of the day. Dressed up, or dressed to race (minus the cycling shoes) I rely on my Chaco sandals to keep me moving.

From hiking along a river valley to recovering after a hard criterium, I love the amount of support Chacos give my feet, and the security of the straps. Whenever I wear sandals, I am fumbling to stay upright, but not with my ZX/2 Unaweep Sandal; the added security of the shoe allows my feet to be secure, which allows me to not fall on my face. Not to mention the I love the wicked tan lines I sport by the end of the summer.




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