December was a unique and different time of year for an athlete such as me. After wrapping up a long year of competing and travelling, I settle in at our Christmas tree lot in Chattanooga TN.  It is so different from our "normal" everyday life that it takes a little getting used to.  

This year was no different in the fact that I had to really adjust my speed from travelling most of the year to hanging out at one spot for 5 weeks straight.  One cool thing that I noticed this year was the amount of Chacos I saw coming into the Tree Lot.  

One thing that is great about being a Chaco Ambassador is paying attention to and seeing the scope and reach that Chaco has across the country.  This year was a warmer year than usual and people were actually shopping for Christmas trees in sandals and t-shirts.  The amount of Chacos that came into the tree lot was amazing.  From flips to Z's and shoes, we saw tons and were able to talk to customers about more than just Christmas trees this year!

It was also great to be able to put some of the Chaco Boots to the test day after day.  Being on your feet for a month straight for about 10 hours a day is a task by itself and this was the first year that I did not have to worry about my feet at all!  This year I got a pair of Creedence Boots and a pair of Dundas Waterproof shoes and put them to the test.  My everyday boot was the Credence's and during rainy days, I slipped on the Dundas' to keep my dry.  I would have to say that I am now hooked on Chaco boots!

Here are a few pictures from the tree lot this year of us working hard in our new Chacos.....

On a completely different topic, I had the chance to visit my favorite TN surf spot for a few days before the Christmas tree lot opened and had another chance to put my Tedinho Pro boots to the test.  I have never been happier with my whitewater surf footwear.  Here are some photos of the Boots in action as well as a point of view video showing how the boots are the best in whitewater!

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