Chaco Ambassador Lindsey Wilson shares windy day fun for Chaconians big and little.

Make Wind Chimes- 
Get a stick and dangle all sorts of noise making objects from the stick. Nails, jar lids, shells, beads, silverware, tin cans, bells etc. Hang them up in the wind and listen to the beautiful music you’ve created.

Make Parchutes For Toys - Get out some little toy figures, stuffed animals, cars or even rocks. Make them little parachutes and see if they set sail. Might want to also tie a string to the toy in case this works a little too well.

Fly a Homemade Kite - Making kites is easy. We’ve made them out of paper bags and garbage bags. There are more kite tutorials on the web than their are ostriches on the planet.

Make a Sail Boat- 
If you live by the water try to make a boat and put a sail on it. Might just work? I particularly like the idea for a plastic bottle boat

Make Windy Day Observations - Once again, appeal to your child’s inner scientist. Have your kids sit outside and listen to the sounds,  let them sit by the window and write down or draw observations. Tie different items to a clothesline outside and see how each one acts differently in the wind.


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