I spend the workday in shoes generally picked for style over comfort. Depending on the season, my feet transition into cross-country ski boots or cycling shoes for the evening workout. They serve their purpose but comfort can sometimes be lacking. My feet feel trapped, so I’m always looking to liberate them.

Over the past 2 years if the temperature is above 50 degrees outside or in my house, I’m in sandals. At first it was a cheap pair, but they wore out quickly. Over the course of time I paid a little more but always came up short from the freedom I desired. It wasn’t until this spring, finding the Chaco Updraft Sandal that my feet found a new home. There was no break in period for me as with others I have had, plus they were lightweight and forgot I had them on. They provide a barefoot feeling but give you great support and the ability to walk anywhere. Ah, my feet are finally free!

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