Now that 2013 is up and running, there are new adventures and new challenges ahead.  Its exciting to have an entire year of competitions ahead of you and getting to plan and prepare for another year on the road.

The winter season is typically an off season of some sorts for me, but this year is shaping up to be nothing of the sort.  Right off the bat, I was able to catch some amazing urban whitewater in Richmond, Va.  Richmond is unique place as far as whitewater goes.  The James River runs right next to historic downtown and is on the geographical fall line, when coupled with the old broken dams, levies, and bridges, creates the best whitewater in the region!  I was able to catch up with local photographer Rich Young, who captured some amazing pictures of me on me Badfish SUP while wearing my Chaco Tedinho's!

Before heading to Southern California for the start of our SUP training I ventured to Salida, Colorado for some on-snow and skate time. Monarch Mountain is a laid back mountain where you can escape the crowds and enjoy pure CO riding. Salida is also home to one of my favorite skateparks. I have not been skating very much in the past few years because of my other outdoor pursuits, but couldn't resist a day in the Salida Bowl.

For this skate session, I grabbed my Chaco Holt Shoes. While not designed as a skate shoe, the Holt turned out to be an excellent choice for skating.  I have been using it to cruise around on my longboard, but really put them to the test in the park.  The low profile sole gave me the feel that I need and the Chaco LUVSEAT™ gave me all the padding that I could want!

Check back soon for updates from So-Cal and the start of my Winter SUP training including the HanaHano SUP and Outrigger race in San Diego.  Until next time.....Mike T 


About Chaco Ambassador Team member Mike Tavares: As an inland SUP paddler and professional kayaker, Mike Tavares is a true Chaconian adventurer, competitor and educator. Over the past eight years, he has been immersed in the whitewater paddling industry. In 2012, Mike will be travelling to and competing in every major whitewater festival in the U.S. in both freestyle kayaking and Whitewater SUP.

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