Last year was rough. A hard pregnancy, a new baby, a move, a change in jobs... But we're back in business this year and excited to set some outdoor resolutions!

1. Walk, bike (or run when we're late) to school every day

My sons school is about 4 blocks away. Close enough to 'walk', also close enough to drive when you're in a hurry, especially since I have to lug all 3 of my kids there to broth drop him off and pick him up. But we're committed to self mobility come rain, snow or wind.


2. Learn to love the nature in my own backyard

We're pretty good at heading out of town on a campout on any given weekend, but we're not that good at really getting to know the places where we live. We just moved to a new area where we're having a hard time trying to figure out all the recreational opportunities surrounding our little valley. This year we hope to get to know our surroundings better.


3. Spend a lot of time in Southern Utah

This goal may seem to contradict goal #2, but I assure you, they can both be done...


4. More spontaneous ‘adventures’

I use to be so good at this! Having a kid in school is really cramping my style. This year I need to find the time to start doing things like spontaneous dinner picnics, last minute camping trips and after school mountain biking adventures.


5. Hike to the top of a peak.

All of us. The whole family needs to be standing on a peak at some point this year. I even have a peak all picked out.


6. Play more ultimate frisbee

Enough said.


7. Get out on more mother/daughter hikes

I did a fair amount of hiking with my boys when they were little. I have yet to do a hike with just me and my daughter (8 months).  Not cool. I want this to be something her and I do together often while she's growing up. This starts... now!


We'd love to hear what resolutions you have set for yoursevles, or what Chaconian adventures you have planned for 2013. Share them below in the comments section!



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