Below we've reproduced part three of a really great post by Julie Trevelyan of the blog Wild Girl Writing. You've gotta check her out! She's the real deal, and we're proud to call her a Chaconian.


Okay, Chacos aren’t really meant to be hiked in. They’re supposed to be river sandals. But most of the people I know hike in them, me included. Have Chacos, will trail travel.

I know people who’ve backpacked in them for miles, pack upon back. (No, I’m not recommending that, as you can seriously mess up your feet if you twist your unsupported ankles.) I often hike in my Chacos all day.

Do I sometimes need to put on sneakers instead, do I get hot spots, have I worn my skin raw, especially if multiple water crossings happen? Yes.

Have I been stabbed so many times by those damned leaping cacti (I swear to all that’s holy, the cactus around here lies in wait for the unwary Chaco-clad foot and then strikes with deliberate intention)? Oh, yes.

Do stones and pebbles launch themselves with stinging force at my bare toes when I unwittingly kick them at my own feet? Uh, yes.

But even with all that, I still hike in my Chacos.

Thanks Julie! Keep up the big adventures.

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