As the year is coming to a close I can’t help but think about how I have such a blessed life. The year got kicked of with a new to me RV, the addition of Shred doggy, and being added to the Chaco Ambassador Team.

In mid spring I started my tour traveling all over the US to competitions. The tour started on the east coast and made its way to the west then wrapped up in Florida The highlights for me this year was pushing myself to compete in over 35 events; a mix of Freestyle Kayaking, Whitewater Stand Up Paddle Board, and Ocean Stand Up events.  

Almost every weekend I was competing in both sports and able to make the podium at all the events. Another great accomplishment was being the US Point Series Champion for Freestyle Kayaking. Then having a awesome time getting to Stand Up Paddle a ton of great rivers out west. Getting to compete and see all of my friends at the World Cup for Freestyle Kayaking. 

The events that have impacted me the most this year were the ones that were in the ocean stand up paddle boarding. Where I was competing  out of my element and getting destroyed by extremely fast women. I feel that I learn more about myself when I don’t win a competition. It makes me light my fire for the next competition. 

One last unexpected highlight of the year was getting to spend time with my Chaco family in Arkansas and finally meeting Emily Sukiennik, another badass Chaco Ambassador. I am happy this year is coming to a close. We're done selling christmas trees and the last week of 2012 will be spent with family recharging my batteries for another year of adventure. Until next time...


Fit for Adventure. 

Chaco Ambassador Haley Mills

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