Maybe that Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley living out of his van down by the river left too much of an impression on me….

My current home is a 25-year old pickup truck parked by a river with an extensive quiver of kayaks strapped on top.

I am a professional kayaker chasing my dream, big waterfalls, unexplored canyons, gorgeous landscapes, and a cold beer at the take out. These dreams have taken me to almost every state, across the globe, and to the hospital.

Standing on the top of a 60-foot waterfall and looking down at the landing zone is terrifying for most people. The difference is I have fear it's just that I truly enjoy it.

Stay tuned for stories of near misses, gorgeous landscapes, international locations, and living in a truck.

And tune in now…to this live video.


About Chris Baer: In 2011, Chris Baer's Chaco flips took him to eight countries and nineteen states! Chis is an adventuring modern day gypsy chasing his dreams one rapid at a time. In his explorations, Chris has come to know the world and is the epitome of many a Chaconian. Watch the Chaco blog and as he continues to embrace and share his life of adventure.




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