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Each season brings with it new fads and trends.  So what's hot this winter?  My answer may surprise you!  Sockos! That's the new slang for wearing socks with your Chaco sandals! In the past, old men have been made fun of for this fashion "faux pas" however, sources say this trend is now in!  What better way to show off your high-end Smartwool socks than wearing them with your nifty Chacos?

We could go on and on about the comfort and support provided by Chacos but you really should know now that they're some of the best sandals around, and now you can wear them year round!

I know that you can find me wearing them while working at River Sports!  Especially with the wide range of cool and colorful socks we offer.  We even can provide you with some unique toe socks to work with your Chacos with the toe strap.

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By Sirena Jan Allen 1/6/2014

Recently at a Tucson event (Porch Fest) a woman approached me and asked to take a pic of my Chaco's because I was wearing socks! Looked at the posts and haven't seen my feet yet! Red Chaco's with the toe and turquoise socks that are inside out!!!! Love my Chaco's!!! I even wear socks here in Tucson in the summer to protect my feet from cracking from the dryness :)

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