Hello everyone!  It’s go time for our Chaco blog and we’re leaping for joy!  Think of this blog as an extension of the Chaco-sphere, a place for us to tell our stories in addition to posting photos and videos.  Much like the rest of our website, we created this blog with the hopes of providing Chaconians with a place to go in depth about a gnarly river trip or a scramble through scree fields with flips on.  We’d love to hear from the peace corps folk who always have awe-inspiring journeys and lend above and beyond a simple helping hand to meet those in need. Or what about those folks who have a better relationship with their sandals than they do another human being …what’s that all about …tell us your story …we promise not to judge!

Our hope is that this blog becomes a journal of sorts, where we all go on a regular basis to brain-dump all of the adventures that each of us is having whether it be on a flight to New York City or on the back of an elephant in Nepal.  As we wander through our different adventures, we all meet some pretty incredible folks …some we think of quite often even though it’s been 15 years and others come and go as quickly as a second on the clock ticks by.  We all have stories to tell, it’s just up to you to decide if this is the right audience for you. Not all stories on this blog need to be epic tails of adventure.  Some stories may be quite simple and heartfelt whereas others may bring a smile to your face and laughter to your belly.

Regardless, consider this your invitation …an invitation to you all to write, to tell your stories and to continue to share the Chaco luv through our website.  Should you decide to submit your stories, please email them along with any photos to: and we will help determine the best time to post your story.

Thanks for keeping the Chaco luv flowing free and we wish you all many adventures this spring!


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By kathy 5/24/2012

I am new to chacos. My sons own them & love them. I am going on sailing trip, will be snorkling and going on beach. I bought the sandals with the adjustable straps and would like to know if they are good for water and beach or should I also get a pair of swimming shoes. Sales person at Halfmoon outfitters thought these would be good.

By ChapaChaco 3/24/2011

Recently I took my girl friend, my younger brother, and my girl friend's younger sister to the museum. Upon discovery that they had a rock climbing wall I found myself a bit excited. I waited in line for 30 minutes only to be asked by a museum employee "Do you have closed toe shoes sir? You cant climb with sandals, sorry." Shocked and offended at what she said I replied with "These are not sandals, they are "CHACOS" and i climb real rocks in these!" I didn't want to make a scene so I got out of line and watched only to see that no one could climb the wall. The adventurous spirit of the Chaconian in me grew from a flicker of a flame to an all out blaze and I strutted over to the wall and climbed it with out their harnesses. Chaco can't be stopped! By the way I believe my fellow Chaconians and I would like to see some Chaco tees.

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