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Happy Feet
By Thomas 2/3/2014

The script for the movie Happy Feet was originally written about these sandals. But then they realized it is ridiculous to write a movie about sandals, so they made it about penguins.

Chaco's Reply: Who says a movie about sandals is ridiculous? Every Chaconian we know would line up to see such an awesome flick.

How do you most use this product?: Life, Beach

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my chaco flips saved my 30-mile bomber hike
By vikingwanderer (Portland, Oregon) 8/21/2013

I bought my first Chacos (Z2s) in the summer of 1999, when they were still made in Colorado and were relatively unknown outside the state. I've had two other pairs of sandals since then, and as long as your company maintains the same level of durability, quality, and comfort, I'm a lifer! Two years ago I bought my first pair of Chaco Flips, and I live in them in the summer, whether I'm walking around town or hiking trails. I recently hiked the entire 30-mile Wildwood Trail in Portland, Oregon in a day, and had to ditch my hiking shoes from one of your competitors 14 miles into the hike, because they were giving me horrible blisters and the glue attaching the leather upper to the sole started to disintegrate. My Chaco Flips, which I luckily threw into my pack in the last minute, came to my rescue! At first I thought I was just going to hike a few miles in them to give my feet a break, but I ended up hiking the remaining 16 miles of the trail in them far more comfortably than in my defective hiking shoes. Fewer points of contact between my foot and the shoe, and better ventilation equals fewer blisters. If I'd not had my flips, I may very well have stopped the hike early due to agonizing blisters cause by your competitor's shoes. Thank you for helping to make my goal hike of the summer a reality! I'd also like to thank you for bucking the trend in footwear of clothing towards poor quality and programmed obsolescence. Chaco is one of the few companies that actually makes shoes to last anymore, and I really believe that indicates a true commitment to sustainability. Keep it up!

Chaco's Reply: We are so glad we were there for you and able to back you up on your hike! That is a huge accomplishment and awesome hike on the Wildwood Trail. Thank you for bringing your Chacos everywhere and sharing the sweet review.

Product Size Rating: Sized as Expected
How do you most use this product?: Hiking, walking on the beach, everyday walking around town, to business casual office

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Where are the wides?
By ss 6/21/2013

Love the look of the Flip Vibe, but where are the wide widths? Also love the new Rex and Mighty, and would order them in a minute, if they came in wide!! I have two pair of custom zx/2's in a men's wide, with extra strap length and wear them all day every day. Have a pair of Ped Shed's that I wear when closed toes are necessary. I'd love another pair of Chacos. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had, but where are the wides in all the new cool designs?

Chaco's Reply: Thanks for all of your support for our new styles of sandals. We are always updating what we offer, and we appreciate Chaconian feedback like this. We will definitely pass your suggestion to our product design team, as they are very receptive to your valuable input.

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