So 2012 has come to a close, was it a great adventure year for you? It was for me, and I'm looking forward to 2013. Every year people seem to make resolutions around this time, to tell you the truth, I usually do not. Instead I love to stay prepared for the opportunities that may come my way. Sometimes being prepared means that certain opportunities will inevitably show up, such as in the case of going on say, a permit required backpacking trip, but sometimes that can also mean taking off for an unexpected week in Yosemite because a friend's friend bailed on them.

One of the things I do to stay prepared is to try to keep physically in shape. This can mean climbing, hiking and otherwise exercising regularly, but can also mean getting enough downtime to let tendons and muscles recover.

Another way to keep physically prepared is to have the right gear. For me this means keeping an eye on climbing and outdoor gear (like Chaco shoes!) and making sure they are in good to go condition.

Mentally I stay prepared by having mini adventures close to home when I can. For me that means taking beach walks during different times of the day to see the differences in the environment and wildlife. It can also mean taking a photo assignment in a new area just to see what there is to see and to use techniques I don't normally get to use.

That being said, there are a few things I hope will cross my path in 2013:

Who knows if any of those will happen (well, except for the Tweetup, that's a given that I'll make that happen, it's tradition at this point!) but I do know that being prepared is key to any of it happening. So I say, bring on 2013, I'll be ready for you!


About Chaco Ambassador Team member EILEEN RINGWALD: Born and raised in Southern California, Eileen spent many of her summers on family camping trips scrambling on trails and rocks and growing her love of nature. She took this love of adventure and formed, a climbing and outdoor community. She is also the organizational force behind the annual Joshua Tree National Park rock-climbing meet up. Eileen’s photography can be seen at



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