After my successful ordering experience with MyChacos, then came the tricky part…playing the waiting game. I checked the status of my order at least once a day and on the magical day they arrived I got an amazing workout from running back and forth to my front door in anticipation. I finally heard a light tapping on the door (if the FedEx guy only knew what he was holding!). I raced to the door, with crazy eyes and a huge smile and thanked the man who handed me my new favorite shoes. It was love at first site. 

Immediately I got down to business of tightening and fitting my new customized Chacos and set off for a little adventure. Because I opted for the water/sandy terrian soles, I thought it was only natural we (yes, ‘we’ is appropriate) to go play in some water and luckily there is a fun fountain just a block away from me! 

They are so incredibly comfy and turned out EXACTLY how I designed them. I could not be happier with the MyChacos process-so simple and the results are fantastic. I am so excited to see where these new sandals take me and what new adventures they will carry me on. Another perk is that every time I get compliments on them, I get to brag that indeed I am the designer! Happy Chaco adventures to all!

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