The Chaco-sphere is a place for Chaconians to come together and share their adventures, and it recently got a whole lot better! No matter your Chaco adventure of choice, be it hiking, paddling, camping, climbing or kicking back with a cold brew, we invite you to be a part of our party and join the fun.

Here are some photos uploaded to the Chaco-sphere by PRO Happy Feet-n-NC, a very dedicated Chaconian who refuse to give up his Chaco sandals even when the snow flies. We can't say we advise this but we sure do appreciate it! Head on over to the revamped Chaco-sphere and post your phostos. 

Titled: Who says you cant wear Chacos in Winter?

Posted By: Happy Feet-n-NC 

2013 Winter storm complete with "Thunder snow"

Snowy sandals more than your hoes can handle? There is another way to continue your Chaco commintment in the colder months... and no we don't mean socks with your sandals. Check out Chaco's line of boots and shoes.



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