I'm Lindsey. I love being outside. I'm an environmental educator. The outdoors seems to be infused into everything I do; which explains why the other day when I uttered the phrase "you're a rockstar" my 5-year-old immediately thought I was referring to a meteorite.

I grew up in Southern Utah. I spent my childhood outside.

When Chaco approached me about becoming an ambassador it seemed like the perfect fit (no pun intended). Chaco and I have a history. My Chacos were there when I rafted the Grand Canyon, backpacked around Costa Rica, traipsed through Yosemite's backcountry, got stuck on a beach in Baja, and sat on the top of Angels Landing under a full moon.

My Chacos were with me when I met my husband-to-be eleven years ago. They were on my feet when we got engaged, and went perfect with our wedding attire. They carried me into the hospital for the births of both of my boys, and I expect I'll wear them when I go in for the birth of our daughter in April. They were on my feet when our youngest son first showed an interest in scaling rocks, and as I ran after our eldest first learning to ride a bike.

Chacos have carried me on some of the greatest adventures of my life, and I expect they'll be there for many more to come.


Lindsey blogs at, a blog for parents dedicated to taking full advantage of the experiences the natural world has to offer their family. When she's not blogging she's relaxing at Lake Tahoe, biking the Sierras before dawn or corralling her boys at the wetlands behind her house.

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