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my new chacos.


Tags: Artistic

wearing my new Chacos in my studio....they look so cool!!!!


Jumping into a rapid


Tags: Other, river rafting awesome rapid

This is me jumping in at the bottom of the class 4 rapid, Bull Sluice, on the Chattooga river. My Chaco's went with me every time I went down a river that summer!


Climbing Trees


Tags: Other

Playing around on a giant tree in the Pacific Northwest! Thanks for the grip Chacos!


Jam Sesh


Tags: Other, 4th of July Fun, Jamming

Every 4th of July, our patriotism is expressed through jamming hard to some folk and of course, Iron and Wine.


Chaco friends


Tags: hiking, adventure, South Africa, Other, Table Mountain

Me and my friends studying abroad in South Africa conquered one of the wonders of the world in our chacos. TABLE MOUNTAIN in Cape Town! It was absolutely beautiful up there.


First Camping Trip of the Season.


Tags: summer, Camp, camping, Michigan, Other, tent

Yesterday my husband and I went on our first camping trip of the summer! We dusted off some of our old gear, got to try out some our new gear (recent wedding gifts) and took on the great Michigan outdoors.


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